Book "Zerstörte Hoffnungen"

Book “Zerstörte Hoffnungen. Wege der Tübinger Juden”


Geschichtswerkstatt Tübingen (ed.), “Zerstörte Hoffnungen. Wege der Tübinger Juden” (Stuttgart: 1995), 436 pages, 300 photos and documents.


The Geschichtswerkstatt published the book “Zerstörte Hoffnungen. Wege der Tübinger Juden” (Destroyed Hopes. Paths of Tübingen's Jews ) in 1995. It examines the emancipation and development of the Jewish population in Tübingen, anti-semitism and persecution, the role of Tübingen's Jews in the public and commercial spheres, escaping from Tübingen and building up a new life as immigrants, as well as deportation to the death camps.


Unfortunately, the book is not in print any more. It is possible, though, to borrow it from different libraries, among them Tübingen University Library (call number AT 95/33).

Press Reviews:

“A masterpiece” (Schwäbisches Tagblatt)
“An outstanding social history source book” (Evangelisches Gemeindeblatt in Württemberg)
“A highly impressive publication, thrilling and at the same scientifically written.” (Stuttgarter Zeitung) 

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